Relocate Your Business

Relocate Your Business

Looking for a place to relocate your business?  The Hickman County welcomes businesses that want to relocate in Hickman County, Kentucky. A variety of resources are available to help business owners improve, expand or move their business here. Contact the Hickman County Judge Executive’s office today for information and a free consultation as you evaluate Hickman County, Kentucky for the development, expansion, or location of your business.

Our office can guide you in the following key areas:

  • Real Estate: Expansion and relocation assistance
  • Permitting Guidance: Get help navigating the permit process and working towards getting the approvals necessary for business operation.
  • Financing: We can help you find loans, lender loan guarantees and tax credits that can benefit your business.
  • Workforce Development: Get help addressing recruitment and retention issues or skills upgrades for incumbent or new employees.
  • Community Reinvestment: Incentives to help business owners upgrade commercial properties or storefronts located in one of Hickman County Kentucky’s communities
  • Small Business Resource Center: Get valuable information and personalized assistance to help you grow your business.
  • Market Research:  Offers a variety of information, statistics, reports and maps to assist businesses.

Need assistance? Have questions?  Tell us about your business needs by filling out the form below and our office will contact you as soon as possible.

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Interested in relocating your business to Hickman County?  Please let the us know what we can do to assist you.  You may reach us by phone, email or send us a message below.

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