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Hickman County, Kentucky – Best Places To Live In Kentucky

Hickman County is one of the best places to live in Kentucky.  Located in extreme western Kentucky neighboring Tennessee, Missouri and the great Mississippi River, Hickman County is known as the Jackson Purchase.   Hickman County has a total area of 253 square miles , of which 242 square miles is land and 11 square miles is water.  The elevation in the county ranges from 276 feet to 510 feet above sea level. The county’s western border is formed by the Mississippi River, nearly a mile wide here, with the state of Missouri on the other side. Some portions of the county are landlocked to Missouri west of the Mississippi.
Our two incorporated towns include Columbus and Clinton.  Columbus, KY is located in the northwest of the county and located on the Mississippi River and was the original county seat. A log structure built in 1823 served as the courthouse. In 1830, the county seat was moved to the more centrally located to our other incorporated community of Clinton, KY.

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