Hickman County Contacts

Hickman County Contacts

Below are Hickman County contacts for various offices within our county which may be of interest to you.  Please feel free to contact us if we may be of assistance to you in any way.

 Hickman County Fiscal Court

Street Address: 116 S. Jefferson Street, Clinton, KY 42031
Mailing Address: same
Phone: (270) 653-4369
Fax: (270) 653-4360

Fiscal Court Magistrates

Henry Cole – District 1
Phone: (270) 556-1942

Kory Naranjo – District 2
Email: aknaranjo@hotmail.com
Phone: (270) 254-1778 

Irvin Stroud – District 3
Email: ashearblend@att.net
Phone: (270) 254-0296 

Hickman County Judge Executive

Kenny Wilson
116 S. Jefferson Street
Clinton, KY. 42031
Phone:  (270) 653-4369
E-mail:  hickmancountyjudgeexec@gmail.com 

The Fiscal Court meets the third Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the County Judge Executive Office unless otherwise stated.



County Treasurer

Amy Crump
116 S. Jefferson Street
Clinton, KY 42031
Phone:  (270) 653-6195

Hickman County Attorney

Jason Batts
Hickman County Courthouse
110 East Clay St. Suite D
Clinton, KY  42031
Email: jason@battslawfirm.com
Phone: (270) 653-6335 

Hickman County District Judge

Hunter Whitesell
P O Box 198
Hickman, KY 42050
Email: hunterwhitesell@kycourts.net
Phone: (270) 236-2839 

Hickman County Circuit Judge

Timothy Langford
P O Box 167
Hickman, KY  42050
Email : timothylangford@kycourts.net
Phone : (270) 236-3536 

Hickman County Circuit Court Clerk

Melanie Dowdy
Hickman County Courthouse Annex
109 S. Washington Street
Clinton, KY  42031
Email: melaniedowdy@kycourts.net
Phone: (270) 653-3901 



Hickman County Sheriff

Ben Natividad
Hickman County Courthouse
110 East Clay St. Suite B
Clinton, KY 42031
Email: hcsoky1@gmail.com
Phone: (270) 653-2241 

Hickman County Clerk

Jimbo Berry
Hickman County Courthouse
110 East Clay St. Suite E
Clinton, KY  42031
Email: jimbo.berry@ky.gov
Phone: (270) 653-2131 

Hickman County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA)

Amanda Ballantine
Hickman County Courthouse
110 East Clay St. Suite F
Clinton, KY 42031
Email: Amanda.ballantine@ky.gov
Phone: (270) 653-5521 

Hickman County Coroner

Paula Boaz
324 James H. Phillips Dr.
Clinton, KY 42031
Email: clintonhickmanems@yahoo.com
Phone: (270) 254-0100 

Hickman County Emergency Management Director

Justin Jackson
116 S. Jefferson Street
Clinton, KY 42031
Email: jjackson.hcoem@gmail.com
Phone: (270) 254-0261