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About The Clinton – Hickman County Chamber of Commerce


The Clinton – Hickman County Chamber of Commerce exists to promote local businesses, enhance a sense of community, provide a viable social network and encourage a quality lifestyle.  Our small town has a big heart, friendly people and great ideas.  

As we move forward, our goals as an organization include:

1.   Promote Clinton-Hickman County as a desirable tourist destination.

2.   Support and promote Hickman County as a friendly community maintaining a sense of small town values

3.   Encourage viable downtown and local businesses

4.  Promote and preserve Hickman County’s historic resources, as well as providing information to tourists of outlying activities.

5.  Promote businesses and activities that reflect the current demographics and diversity of the community.

6.   Promote Hickman County as a great place to live where seniors and young families co-exist.

To visit the official Clinton-Hickman County Chamber of Commerce website, CLICK HERE.

Contact Us:

The Clinton-Hickman County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 152, Clinton, KY 42031


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