Grow Your Business

Hickman County, Kentucky is Business Friendly.

Grow your business in Hickman County!  The Hickman County Fiscal Court and Clinton-Hickman County Chamber of Commerce are here to help you and your business make a start, expand and thrive in Hickman County. We offer step by step assistance and look forward to helping you thrive in our community!

Your Personal Business Development Team

In case you haven’t heard, there are people right here in Hickman County whose job is to help your businesses succeed. The Hickman County Judge Executive’s office can bring together the knowledge, resources, services, connections, information and inspiration to move your business forward. And best of all, they work for you. They’ve helped many local businesses succeed, so they know what it takes to get things done around here. From start-up to corporate expansion.   From permits and regulations to recruiting talent. From the latest data on local trends and opportunities to individual business troubleshooting. They see the big picture about what works now, and they provide direction for the what’s next

How We Can Help

  • Finance your Business: We can put you in touch with local institutions who can help you understand your financing options
  • Develop your Business: Focus your efforts with free market research
  • Find Employees: Get assistance with finding and training your workforce
  • Expand Your Business: Learn about tax credits and support for established businesses
  • Helping Underserved Businesses: Focused workshops and one-on-one help for minority-owned businesses
  • Business Workshops and Forums: Stay up-to-date on local business gathering
  • Business Services around County: Get free business coaching, business plan review, and attend workshops through our partner organizations